Ferdinand Magellan

And then there was oneÖ

The Victoria arrived safely in Seville, the only ship of the five that had begun the journey to finish it. Just 18 out of the original 200 men survived the voyage. However, even with the loss of four out of five ships, the load of spices the Victoria brought back to Spain actually made a profit!

The survivors of the voyage who landed in Seville were:

Juan Sebastian Elcano, captain-general. Miguel de Rodas, boatswain (contramaestre) of the Victoria. Francisco Albo, of Axio, boatswain of the Trinidad. Juan de Acurio, of Bermeo, boatswain of the Concepcion. Maartin de Judicibus, of Genoa, superintendent of the Concepcion. Hernando de Bustamante, of Alcantara, barber of the Concepcion. Juan de Zuvileta, of Baracaldo, page of the Victoria. Miguel Sanchez, of Rodas, skilled seaman (marinero) of the Victoria. Nicholas the Greek, of Naples, marinero of the Victoria. Diego Gallego, of Bayonne, marinero of the Victoria. Juan Rodriguez, of Seville, marinero of the Trinidad. Antonio Rodriguez, of Huelva, marinero of the Trinidad. Francisco Rodriguez, of Seville (a Portuguese), marinero of the Concepcion. Juan de Arratia, of Bilbao, common sailor (grumete) of the Victoria. Vasco Gomez Gallego (a Portuguese), grumete of the Trinidad. Juan de Santandres, of Cueto, grumete of the Trinidad. Martin de Isaurraga, of Bermeo, grumete of the Concepcion. The Chevalier Antonio Pigafetta, of Vicenza, passenger.