“The Crews pf H.M.S. Hecla & Griper Cutting Into Winter Harbour, Sept. 26th, 1819,” Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific: Performed in the Years, 1819-20, in His Majesty’s Ships Hecla and Griper, Under the Orders of William Edward Parry; With an Appendix Containing the Scientific and Other Observations, 1821, From The Library at The Mariners’ Museum, G650.1819.P2 rare.

Royal Navy Bomb Ship

A bomb ship was built to use mortars mounted toward the bow to primarily bomb fortifications on land. The ship itself was built to withstand the recoil of the heavy mortars as well as the bombardment from heavy artillery ashore. The Royal Navy bomb ships, because of the mortars towards the bow, were usually three-masted, and instead of rope for the foremast they used chain. This helped with the concussion of the mortar blasts. Since the ship was large and cumbersome, they used a spring anchor to turn towards the target during battle. Because the bomb ship had a reinforced hull and deck system, many were used in Arctic and Antarctic exploration.