The N25 being off loaded from the ship, My Polar Flight, 1925.

Dornier Flying-Boat

Roald Amundsen’s Flight Across the North Pole

Dornier GmbH, a company started by Claude Dornier in Germany, specialized in the mass production of giant flying-boats. Flying-boats are able to take off and land on water or, in the case of Amundsen, on ice and snow. The plane’s hull is similar to the hull design of a ship. That allows the plane to float in the water like a boat. One of Dornier’s pioneering designs was that his flying-boats were stable because he used wing-roots on the hull called “Dornier Stummel.”

The Dornier Flying Boat designs were licensed to various countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Chile, and Norway for their production of the plane. The plane was used by the military to transport personnel, by private firms for transportation, and by expeditions of exploration.